The Journal of Invasive Cardiology was launched in 1988 to provide a focused, definitive source for cardiovascular specialists to stay up-to-date on advances in this rapidly changing field. The journal publishes original research articles on evaluations of therapeutic devices, drugs used in the cardiac catheterization laboratory and in post-PCI therapy, comparison of treatment modalities, reports on current innovations in clinical practice, in-depth reviews, and expert commentaries to discuss the clinical significance of the published research. The journal also regularly updates readers about emerging areas such as advances in percutaneous valve repair and access techniques. It has become a leading interventional treatment journal because it provides cardiovascular specialists with the most current practical information critical for effectively diagnosing, treating, and managing patients with cardiovascular disease.


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Interventional/invasive cardiologists, clinical cardiologists with an interest in interventional cardiology, cath lab and office-based lab medical directors, and allied healthcare professionals.