Meeting Newsroom

Meeting newsrooms can be an HMP meeting (ISET, LINC, AMP, CIO) or a meeting of the client’s choosing, where editors will tag relevant content (similar to topic centers) about that meeting. Newsroom can have articles, multimedia, or meeting slides/posters tagged. They can be sponsored either year round, or at the time of the meeting. They can be sponsored either pre, during, or post-show (approx. 90 days). During this time, traffic will be driven regularly to the homepage and individual track pages.

See an example on VDM here


1. Newsroom Homepage Sponsorship $12,500

  • Includes roadblocked ads on the homepage for 90 days
  • Includes 728x90 banner advertisements on two e-blasts to be deployed during the conference

2. Newsroom Track Sponsorship $10,000

  • Includes roadblock ads on the track page for 90 days
  • Includes 728x90 ads on two post-show e-blasts driving traffic to the track

3. Dedicated Meeting Content E-blast $5,000 (ex. Access/Closure Blast for ISET Newsroom)

  • Includes two 728x90 ads on blast linking to company page