Welcome to the HMP Cardiovascular Sales Portal

We are very appreciative of your interest and support of HMP’s Cardiovascular Division and want to make your experience working with us as pleasant and productive as possible. Through this portal you will be able to review our print offerings, digital portfolio, custom printing and publishing options, as well as our online educational programs and live events.

HMP Cardiovascular print publications include Cath Lab Digest, EP Lab Digest, as well as the Journal of Invasive Cardiology. You can access each journal’s circulation information, media kit, and BPA statement by navigating the print advertising menu. Our digital portfolio offerings include cathlabdigest.com, eplabdigest.com, invasivecardiology.com, vasculardiseasemanagement.com, and iolearning.com. Details about each website’s reach, the digital media kit, website analytics, and multimedia options can be navigated by navigating the digital tab.


The portal also provides information about the many sponsorship and educational opportunities at our live events:  AMP (August 11–14, 2021: Chicago, IL), CIO (October 22-24: Miami Beach, FL), and ISET (January 17-20, 2021: Hollywood, FL).